If things which have already been said or seen are repeated in the same manner – things which belong to past experience, it becomes systematic – it sets off some cells in the brain, but in fact is not very useful.

Only when art is “living” can it give rise to an experience that answers an inner need for progress, a spontaneous need to progress on some plane or other – it can give rise to a vision, a perception on a higher plane, an experience in the consciousness which can make the art fresh and new so that it carries a new power for realization.

Most art today does not give the possibility of entering into an interesting state of consciousness – the only thing which is very important for the moment is the change of consciousness.

If people took life less seriously, they could very soon make it more perfect. Taking life seriously generally consists of two movements – the first one is to give importance to things that probably have none, and the second is to want life to be reduced to a certain number of qualities that are considered pure and worthy of existence. For some people, for example, the Puritans – this virtue becomes dry, arid, grey, aggressive and it finds fault everywhere, in everything that is joyful, free and happy.

Delight and laughter dissolves every shadow, every pain, every suffering! You only have to go deep enough within yourself to find the inner SUN to let yourself be flooded by it, and then there is nothing but a cascade of harmonious, luminous, sunlit laughter, which leaves no room for any shadow or pain.

Laughter dissolves all darkness, all difficulty, all discord, all disharmony, everything that jars, that weeps and wails. And for that, let us avoid people who take life seriously – they are very boring people!

As soon as the atmosphere becomes grave, you can be sure that something is wrong – that there is a troubling influence. All this regret, all this remorse, the feeling of being unworthy, of being at fault – and then one step further and you have the sense of sin. Oh! It all belongs to another age, an age of darkness.

People do not know how to play. Don’t feel you have to think and arrange, no, let’s PLAY – let’s put this one here and that one there, and this one like that. And then another time it’s different again - what a good game and such fun!

So, let us agree to try to learn how to laugh, play and enjoy life.

- Wayne Ensrud